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Shocking! Mayuri to marry Ghotak in SAB TV’s Chidiya Ghar


Yes, you read it right!

SAB TV’s Chidiya Ghar is preparing for some high voltage show to enchant its watchers. had as of late announced about Paresh Ganatra otherwise known as Ghotak assuming twofold part in the above show.

According to the plot, Ghotak’s carbon copy Sanam will soon enter the show. He would happen to be a slow-witted man and would flee from his clinic. The haven individuals will spot Ghotak in the city, and get hold of him taking him as his copy.

Then again, Mayuri (Shafaq Naaz) will unconsciously bring Ghotak’s copy Sanam home.

Afterward, Sanam will become hopelessly enamored with Mayuri, and approach her for wed him. This proposition would leave the whole Chidiya Ghar family stunned as Ghotak is as of now wedded to Koyal (Aditi Sajwan).

After a great deal of dramatization, the family will find out about Sanam being the carbon copy of Ghotak. They will likewise become more acquainted with about Sanam’s previous history on how his to-be-lady of the hour got scorched on their mandap and passed on.

To recover his memory, the Narayan family will plot Mayuri and Sanam’s marriage and plan to have a similar occurrence.

Will Sanam recover his memory and end up plainly ordinary?

We hummed Shafaz, who shared, “Watchers will appreciate watching this scene. Surprisingly I am wearing a wedding outfit in the show and absolutely adoring it.”

Get the fun scene soon.

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