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Want to experiment as much as I can: Sakshi Tanwar

Famous performer Sakshi Tanwar, who has been a piece of the Indian media outlet for more than two decades, says she is at present getting a charge out of the freedom to explore different avenues regarding the parts she goes up against.

Straight from the accomplishment of her parts like Daya Kaur in blockbuster film “Dangal” and Shibani Malik in TV arrangement “24: Season 2”, Sakshi is presently preparing for her lady web-arrangement “Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat” – which will be disclosed on Ekta Kapoor’s forthcoming computerized application ALTBalaji.

“Presently I am at that phase of my life where I need to test as much as I can with the sort of parts that are being offered to me,” Sakshi told the media here on Thursday.

“Shibani Malik in “24” was a character that I have delighted in the most in light of the fact that that gave me one shade to investigate … demonstrates like “24” are occurring and are attempting to concentrate on changed scope of subjects,” she included.

Sakshi said she agreed to accept “Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat” even before the arrival of “Dangal”.

“I had officially made the dedication. I have never accomplished more than one thing at any given moment and I have taken holes in the middle. After “Kahaani…”, I took a three-year break. Also, I did after “Bade Achhe Lagte Hain”.

“Truly, now I am on my break period, but since this was an earlier responsibility, I am doing it. Yes, there are offers which I am thinking about, yet after “Dangal” I would prefer not to accomplish something which can weaken that impact. I am cheerful to keep up that until further notice,” she said.

In “Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat”, Sakshi has been combined with her “Bade Achhe Lagte Hain” co-star Ram Kapoor.

Gotten some information about their on screen science, Ram stated: “I genuinely trust that there are two things that are required for any couple to work – whether it is Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol or others – they both must be great at what they do and they need to be OK with each other.

Sakshi said the way that they are diverse individuals in genuine deciphers well on screen.

“The characters that we have depicted, as well as the general population that Ram and I are – we are shafts separated. We think in an unexpected way. Along these lines, that makes an interpretation of exceptionally well into the characters that we have been given to depict. It’s that run of the mill thing that you find in our show – opposites are inclined toward one another,” Sakshi said.

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