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Vijayendra Kumeria’s response to Disha Parmar’s 6th onscreen marriage will leave you surprised

Be it Bollywood or TV, the entertainment fraternity has learnt a lesson by heart and that is, filmy weddings are best shot in grand palaces. While the wedding rituals in TV shows are stretched for months with grandeur track sequences of the rituals, for most screenwriters the very idea of a happy onscreen marriage is poison.

Content and harmony?

Dramatic tension needs change, conflict and occasionally, the brutal murder or kidnap of husband (double indemnity), wife (rear window) or lover (presumed innocent). No daily soap is a hit if there are no (constant) problems brewing for the hero and his lady love. If we were to presume, they are the most jinxed characters who are constantly hunting for peace and happiness.

We are sure that the actors who play the characters work hard to get into the skin of the character and put their whole and soul towards entertaining the fans. Especially, wedding sequences which are elaborate and requires some intense acting not only in terms of chemistry with the co-star but also flaunting the best of wedding suits, jewellery, hairstyles and of course, some deep drama and romance.

The beautiful Disha Parmar, who is currently getting married in the show Woh Apna Sa (Rashmi Sharma Telefilms) and we are sure, the ardent fans cannot wait for the various twists and turns the matrimony will bring.

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