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What is Bollywood actress Vidya Balan doing in Udaan?

While Chakor finds proof against Kamal Narayan, Vidya will be beaten up by the villagers…

Film actors have been actively using the small screen to promote their upcoming movies. B-Town actress Vidya Balan, who was last seen promoting her upcoming film Kahaani 2 in Savdhaan India as a narrator of a particular story, will now be seen making an entry in Colors’ Udaan.

While Vivaan and Imli are coming close romantically, Kamal Narayan and Ranjana are trying their best to destroy the relationship and this time by practicing a prayer to please ‘Kaal Bhairav’. While he is highly engaged in the havan, Imli will witness their actions and will spill water in the ‘havan kund’ symbolizing that his prayers will not be answered.

Subsequently, some of Kamal Narayan’s actions will land him back in jail and he will conduct orders to Ragini against Chakor!

Parallel to this, Chakor will find a letter which can expose Kamal Narayan’s evilness while Ragini will hire goons to kill her and Suraj. In a bid to escape the goons, Chakor will reach a village and will find a gorgeous Vidya Balan dressed as a villager and being beaten up!

A source informs, “Vidya will reach the village in search of her child. Since she will dearly miss her child, she will give a warm hug to somebody else’s child and the villagers will misunderstand her. They term her a kidnapper and it is this time when Chakor will come to Vidya’s rescue.”

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