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Find out what Arjun Bijlani was up to on Republic Day

Mumbai, 30 January 2018: Actor Arjun Bijlani is a busy man juggling between work and family. But, he makes sure to take out time for the causes that are close to his heart and important to him. The actor loves children and takes keen interest in working towards a better future for these kids. He recently went to a children’s NGO called Mother Foundation at Goregaon on Republic Day.

“I love spending time with kids. I spent a lot of time with the kids at Mother Foundation and it was wonderful. The kids are lovely and were so much fun. We played games and they shared their secrets with me,” the actor shares.

The handsome actor also distributed sweets and balloons to the kids there. He danced and sang songs with the kids, who seemed to have had a gala time with him.

It is admirable to see someone do such special things for those who are less fortunate. Way to go, Arjun!

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