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The web platform allows people to present their ideas in a different way: Jayashree Venkataramanan

It’s always good to come out of your horizon and explore new platforms!

Pretty and popular actress Jayashree Venkataramanan, who is currently seen in Big Magic’s Hum Paanch, is happy to have explored the web platform.

Jayashree was recently seen in a web short film titled ‘Kissss’ and she currently seen on Amazon Prime’s newly launched web series ‘Breathe.’ She is quite happy with the response that she has received for her performances on the digital platform.

In a conversation with business cash, Jayashree talks more about her experience on the digital platform. Excerpts from the interview –

Jayashree shares, “It’s been an entirely different and a challenging experience shooting for ‘Kissss’ and ‘Breathe.’ I had to prepare myself differently for both the platforms but it has been very enriching. I get to learn a lot from both of them. I feel so elated and grateful that both the experiences have been well received and appreciated. I got an experience to work with one of the best teams possible.”

“My web film ‘Kissss’ was nominated in one of the renowned short film festival and ‘Breathe’ has just gone live on the 26th of this month but its trailer had already broken records of few films. It was one of the most viewed trailers. My roles too have been very much appreciated and were talked about. As I mentioned earlier also, to play a Naagin in ‘Kissss’ and to play a struggling actor in ‘Breathe,’ both have been different. I have had people telling me that they actually believed that I was a Naagin, the way I played it (laughs),” she adds.

The digital platform is certainly on a boom these days and the fraternity is quite getting inclined towards it. Continuing our conversation with Jayashree, we further asked her about her take on growing trends of the digital platform and if she is keen on doing more of web series.

She says, “You have the liberty to produce it and execute it the way you want it and there is no major interference. So one works hard and performs 10 times more. The web platform is coming up with some really interesting, different concepts and ideas. It opens a lot of doors for people who have been trying to present their ideas in a different way and in the way they want it. So it’s a great new beginning and of course, I would love to be a part of it.”

Way to go, Jayashree!

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