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Sab TV launches the show Trideviyaan!

The Agents are here!

Sab Tv’s New show Trideviyaan has finally been launched! The show was one of the most anticipated shows of the year. With faces like Aishwarya Sakhuja, Ritu Raj Singh, Anshul Trivedi, Samaira Rao and Shalini Sahuta being involved, this show is a bundle of quality actors all packed together to make a great show.

The show aims to send out a message that despite managing the house, there are a lot more things that women can do. The show will show how three women manage their houses only as a cover up to their real identities. The three ladies will play spy/detectives/Indian Charlies Angels and protect the nation from threats.

“Our story is not just about agents. We are trying to say that our country has families where women apart from being homemakers can be somebody else and have a profession. Somebody apart from being a mother or daughter… Why is that still not being understood by people? If you take it to that extent that these girls can be undercover agents, people will notice!” Said Ritu Raj in a statement.

Are you looking up to the show? Let us know through your comments.

Comments (5)

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